Widian Ltd. is a specialist in wireless handheld computing, using open standards to provide the corporate applications enterprises need on the handhelds they choose.

The company’s products extend mission-critical enterprise applications including groupware applications, Intranets, ERP, CRM and other corporate back-end systems to mobile employees when they need them.

The company’s services include mobile innovation consultancy, solution design, solution creation, solution development and testing services based on commonly known mobile technologies. Widian also provides hosting services for its clients.

Widian has offices in Finland. Widian products and services are sold either directly to enterprises or through partners.

With 12 years history as a specialist of mobile ecosystem consultant and developer, Widian understands the mobile enterprise and mobile office market needs better than most. We have used that experience to create solutions that are both simple to use, and simple to implement.


Widian understands mobility

With 10 + years history as a mobile software expert , Widian understands the mobile enterprise solution and mobile office market need better than most.

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